Monday, October 24, 2016

Here is the first picture completed. When I decided to do this project. Did you ever go through the process in your head and say oh, I not only can do this but it will be a fast project. For me, wrong. I do not mind this because I am happy with the results. The reason why I mention this is that someone once told me when you start a painting not to leave it unfinished. You should finish it in the same day. I suppose it would depend on what kind of painting you are doing. Or,how good you are at it. Believe me she was and is very good and talented at her work. At any rate, if you ever see anyone's work at a fair etc. Even if you could do it, the question to keep in mind is will I? Do I have the time and desire for this? Because I realize my head thought is going to be faster in doing the project than actually working with the project. For me I am fine with the time it took. I took my time and it paid off. I think many of you creative people can relate. We all know practice makes perfect. I am not sticking to one thing meaning on one type of craft, so it might be a lot of trial and error pursuit. Instead of getting easier as you go along. And that's okay also because I expect this. So whatever you decide on the reason your doing it that should tell you what you want out of it. I hope this makes sense to you also... The velcro on this project gives the children an opportunity to roll the car's around with their hands. If you make this as a gift please place a card on the back of the mirror to remind them of age appropriate and discretion along with using their own good judgement if child is in need of more supervision of another. At any rate I thank you for checking in and hope you will give it a try. =p.

Second finished picture of the" Children's Car Mirror Wall Hanging"

Here is a craft I recently finished. In the project, I used velcro. I cut a small piece and placed the soft section under the car. The rough part of the velcro goes on the frame. When you look at this picture you might think that the inner edges are missed of painting that is supposed to be black. Believe it or not what it is, is the reflection of the wheels showing through the mirror and the angle I took the picture from.