Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Helpful Tips Stains

Did you ever have a stain on something and put it in the laundry and say I will remember where it is? When it comes time to washing it your looking all over to where the stain was that you said you would remember. L.O.L.  Well, even if you are the type that catches and puts stain remover on right away to get the stain out.(  More power to you by the way!) There is always seemingly a time when we are unaware of a stain on something. Oh well we can't catch them all.   At any rate instead of second guessing I have decided to take a clip or a colored plastic close pin and put it where I see the stain. =&.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Second Flower Abstract Picture Taken In The Light.

Here is the Picture in frame taken in the light.    One:  Choose or draw picture and place under the glass that you will be gluing your stained glass to.   Two: Cut pieces to fit the picture where you want them.  I used regular glass cutters and the wheel cutters. Please remember your safety glasses and gloves for the silicone glue you will be using for this. Three: Glue the pieces on the plain clear glass to create your scene. You can keep your picture under the plain glass to get exactness of why you cut them in the first place.   What I like about this one is it shows up the way I want it to without any grout.  I am leaving this, this way on purpose.  I like the clearness effect where the grout would have went .  It's nice not to have to follow the rules always.  =p.   Hope you like.  Almost forgot I plan to protect it with ONE part weld bond  to THREE parts water.   This is all experimental to me so we'll see how it holds in time...

Abstract Stained Glass Of Flower's Backing Picture and Instructions On How To:

Here is the same picture turned on the back side to show you what I did in place of soldering.   First I used silicone adhesive to attach the glass to the backing of frame.   Let dry.  Then, I used black sticky felt to attach to the sides of the frame and extending it to fold over in the back a bit.  Why would you need to do this you might ask?  Well, first for neatness and second because it is not a wooden frame to attach the screws to hang it up on.   Since I am not soldering a chain on and am using my own technique this was the step I took to have a chain put on to hang it from.   I then cut out four squares of felt to put on each corner.  I, took four wooden knobs and glued them to the four corner's of the back of the frame.  With silicone. When you hang it on a window the picture will be straight not slanted also.  I wrapped the chain around the two top knobs and then clasped each side of the chain that is around the knob.  Now if you find it is not staying attached you can do what I did and use T-pins and attach it to the felt.The middle of the chain I glued on to the top middle felt. It will take a while to dry. Days to let you know.  I will now cover all this up to cover the areas of mess that would show if I didn't.   With more felt of course. (I love this stuff!)         Seeing I have never done this before, I ask myself what would I do differently.  I would not use a chain with no holes in them again. So if you do try this then make sure you use a chain that has holes as links so it will be easier to clasp on to your knobs...    Feel free to ask if need be.  :).

Second Abstract Stained Glass Flower Picture In A Frame (Shown not in the light.)

Here, this picture is taken without the light showing through. It is clearer in person.  I could have taken a picture with a lighter back round but I think you can get the gist anyhow.   Thanks for checking in! :).

Monday, September 26, 2016

Baby Jar Candy Corn Jack-O-Lantern's

Here is a project I did with many a classrooms and also with my children when they were younger.  What you need is a baby jar, cover, green felt or sticky paper glue gun and sticks, black sticky felt, candy corns to act as a color for the pumpkin yellow contact strip or yellow felt.  Saran wrap or clear cellophane if you want to wrap them up and give as a gift, a strip of green ribbon and scissor's.   Wash jars good dry well.   Trace a circle out of the cover and add more dimension so it will cover the sides of the cover you want to cover.  Now in the middle of the green circle make a small circle. In the middle of the small circle find it's own middle and make a couple of slits so there will be an opening for the folded yellow stem to fit in.  Overlap a small square of a stem and glue the ends so it makes a strip for the stem.  Then attach it in the middle of the green opening on cover.  turn the black felt over so you can see the paper backing.  With a pen draw the eyes, nose and mouth of your choice and cut out.  Peel the backing off and stick the face that you made on the jar.  As you can see They all don't have to be the same. They can if chosen though.   Put candy corns in a bowl and have the children with a small scoop or tablespoon or spoon have them spoon the candy corns in until it is filled.  Close the cover to the top and you have a treat and a decoration for Halloween all in one.    I had them wrapped and on the back put a sticky label and had my daughter sign her name on the label to give to her preschool for their Halloween party.   Another tip, if you do not want to use glass jars for this project you could save smaller peanut butter jars or pill containers or whatever works for you.   (I hope if you try this you will send me a pic. I would love to see how they came out. )  At any rate I hope you will give it a go.   :). Remember to press on the pic.. to enlarge picture if you need a closer look.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Two Toned Grout And Abstract Stained Glass Picture Of Flower's.

Here is the same picture that is not in the light. I like how you can get two different effects from having it in the light or not.  I cut my glass with straight glass cutter's and wheel glass cutter's. I put my flower picture that I chose and put it under the glass that I was going to glue my stained glass pieces to.  After you cut to the areas you chose you can start gluing them on  with silicon.  Be sure to use safety glasses and gloves when cutting and gluing on. I then used non color grout after the glass dries. It takes days for it to dry. Then grout.  I did not like the non colored grout, so I used acrylic blue paint and after it dried I used a technique with clear embossing gel.  I put the gel on the grout and took the mauve embossing powder over the gel that I put on the grout. Then I took my finger lightly and swirled it in till I felt it was the effect that I wanted. If I wanted more powder I used it at times.  So the extra flair is having a two toned grout to add to your picture.   To hang it I used the loop nails that you can just screw in the top of the wood with your hand pressing down as you turn it till it's at the furthest it can go.  Now I just need to protect the grout and glass. I have never done this before so I cannot tell you how well it works. We'll see.  I am going to use three parts water to one part weldbond glue. Mix together and brush on. Not sure yet if I will use more than one coat or not.   If anyone tries this I would love to see your results.   =>).

Grouted Stained Glass Backing Picture and Instuctions

This picture shows the back of it.  Notice I did not put a backing on it so I could have the light shining through if I chose to.  I am not into soldering so I had to think of an alternative to keep things attached in the frame. (Actually in all honesty, I like to think of other ways to do something in a different way.  It gives other choices to a project.)    To keep the glass in I used clear silicon.  I also cut plexie glass and glued them in with the clear silicon. It's clear when it dries.  I wanted to also make sure that the back wood would not scratch so I used sticky felt for a soft ease on it. I cut the plastic with a razor on a handle. It takes a little patience to do this but it does what I wanted it to.   You have to swipe a number of times if you want a clean cut. :).Grouted

Grouted Picture Frame Abstract Stained Glass Flowers in a Wooden Picture frame. (Lit up on a window sill)

This last picture is showing it lit up a bit on a window sill.  It looks lit up more in person per say.  I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful. :).

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Candy Corn Pin

      Here is an idea for the up coming month.  A candy corn pin of course.   You will need cardboard to trace pattern on.  glue stick, white, orange and yellow felt.  Wiggly eyes, pin backing contact paper for a sturdier backing, a piece of black yarn and scissors.   The kids enjoyed this project.  Hope you will give it a go with your's.  =).

Monday, September 19, 2016

Helpful hint for hanging jewelry chains.

I had all my children's chains on a tie twist and was getting ready to make a gift for a little one and the chains were getting all tangled and giving me nimble fingers trying to get one apart.  I remembered I had this old hanger that I don't use for clothes anymore and decided to use it for hanging my chains.  I used the large paper clips one at a time and tightened the clip on the rod so it does not move around. I then put the clasp on one opening of the clip until the chain was dangling and hanging down from it like the picture shows.  Then, I put a clip after the last chain so they would have less reason to move around, just in case.   I have a leather bag that I have all the little jewelry pieces in. It has a handle so I just might hang it on the hanger so I can keep them all together again when I need them.  Hope this is helpful for someone who might have the same thing happening to you.  If you nee a closer look just press on the picture and it will enlarge it. :).

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sticker on Butterfly

Butterfly butterfly, flying here and there;   Stopping for a second, again flying everywhere...   What is your hurry?   What do you fear?    As the butterfly rests itself on a flower, I look to see what is on your beautiful wing;    Could this be?...   "Oh no"!  A sticker?  Who would do such a thing?   I would take it off but I would not want to tear your wing;  So I'm afraid pretty butterfly it's part of your ware;  Soaring through the air, she still struts her stuff;   As I watch and admire her, SHE GOES ON AS SHE MUST;