Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Laurel and Hardy drawings.

Here is an oldie but goody, of Laurel and Hardy that my husband drew in the early 70's.  I would love for him to get back into drawing or painting or both.  Hope you like.  :).

Monday, July 25, 2016

A picture of Brielle when she was a kitten.

Here is a picture of our Brielle, when she was a kitten.  The snickers bar is an extra, extra large candy bar that my son gave to my daughter when he came home for break.  Brie Brie is a Silver Lynx Doll Face Persian. I just love those short legs of her's. She sure can move and so makes me laugh when she does.  It's so adorable when she twirls like a bunny. As I write this I am envisioning the scene.  I hope this picture puts a smile on your face as it does mine. =)>.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sewing Table Project

Here is my sewing table that was in storage and got warped from the rain on it. I tried to pull all of the laminate off of the table but the rest would not budge.  After I finished this project I came across someone who used vinegar soaked towels on it to loosen theirs up. It was too late for me but something to keep in mind if you come across such a situation.  At any rate I am still happy with the way it came out.  =).

vinyl for sewing table.

I used a strong black vinyl with a sticky backing.  I also used wood glue to give it a stronger hold.

Stencils (sewing)

Here are the stencils I made and used a razor to cut around them.
Here is a closer look at the stenciling pics. I dabbed it with a flat round brush.

Completed sewing table project

Here is my finished project well almost finished anyway. I also put a strip of magnet to have easy access to pins. On the lower part of the table I attached a silver yard stick for completion.  Hope you enjoyed the steps of this project.  :).