Monday, October 19, 2015

Directions and another picture of the Jack-O-Lantern.

Here is a fun project to do with children.  I did these in a Special Needs classroom that I worked with. The part"I" did though was to put the burlap on the wooden ring for it needed to be tight. Here is how this was made.    Materials needed ;   A round wooden hoop, orange paint or markers, orange burlap, A bit of green paper, glue, yarn and black sticky felt.   You first have the children paint or color the rim with a marker one day. Let it dry. Next the adults job or using your own discretion trace a large circle on the burlap. I used a large plate.  You can cut it out or have them do these steps whatever is best for the age level. When hoop is dry unlatch the outer ring from the inner ring.  Place the circle of burlap as best as you can over the wooden inner circle. Then place the larger wooden hoop over the burlap and the wooden circle. When you feel it is as even as you are going to get it tighten it with the screw that is at the top of the circle. This next part is good for fine motor skills in children, They just keep pulling threads of the burlap until it is loose around the whole outer wooden circle. (Please use your discretion if you feel they need help in any way with this. For we want it to stay fun for them not frustrating.0 Only you can be the judge of this.  Make eyes, nose and mouth cut out glue or stick in position. Make and cut out the green part and glue on along with make some sort of bow with yarn,felt or paper.  When all is dry you can cut the shreds around the outer circle if you want it to be equal around all of the circle.    Hope you like.  Thanks for looking.

Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Here is a closer picture so you can see that the material (burlap) needs to be tight on the wooden ring hoop. Have a fun and enjoyable Fall!  :).