Saturday, September 19, 2015

Depilling a yarn blanket with nice results.

This blanket has so many pills etc. on it that it was time to put some life back into it. If you cannot get a good look just put your arrow on the picture to get a closer look.  I am so glad I was able to renew it.  The latter pictures will show you how I achieved this. Thanks for checking in.  :).
Here is throw without the pills.  I think it came out good. This is a good thing because my Mother N Law made this. It"s nice to still have a part of her with us.  :].

The Cordless Electric Fabric Groomer

This tool I bought many a years ago at a store I used to go in sometimes after work.  I don"t know if you can see it but it has blades on the white circle that goes around like a fan would.  I took the silver part off  that goes over the blade so you can see what causes this to take the pills out of your knitted wear. I love how it brings your items back to life. You just slide it back and forth or round and round until you feel you should go  on to another section of it.  If you can find one it truly comes in handy.... Maybe even a gift for someone who has everything etc.  :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On this quilt holder I added some rolls of ribbon on the posts. I rolled each bunch around the posts and when I got to the end of the ribbon I pinned it to secure it so the ribbon does not unroll. It's nice to know these have more than one use and a place of convenience is a plus for me.  &) Hope you like the idea.
I happened to have crafts way upstairs, or way downstairs.  I don't know about you but if I am working upstairs and I need something that is organised with the items I have downstairs, I don't always look forward to stopping what I am doing to go and get that item.  So I thought I would put a little bit of the things that I supposed to have downstairs upstairs so I can possibly prevent that from always happening.  I had these two quilt holders. Since I was running out of room upstairs, I thought of this idea of storing the fabric around the post or on top of the posts. I had a lot of old belts that I did not want to waste so I decided to wrap some of them around each group of material which worked out great. =).
Here is the two quilt holders with the quilt on it just to show how it hides the other items underneath. No one would know what you stored underneath of course unless you took the quilt off.  I am thinking of putting this quilt over the balcony railing.  Hope it inspires you to use space in unexpected places.  :).