Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wreath Cookie Cutter Theme Farm

Here is my newest project that I have been working on. I saw these cookie cutter wreaths on a video. I put my own twist to it by adding a couple of steps further by making magnets to suit each cookie cutter to represent it and give it more color.  I first arranged them in the order I wanted them in.  I then had some light blue sheer netting ribbon to tie them together to shape the wreath.  I then took some paper clips to each of them to make sure they were secured better.  Next, I glued magnets on the back of these wooden character pieces and let them dry. I went on to painting my wooden display for the middle circle of the wreath.I  I cut two pieces of ribbon one to hang on the top of the wreath so it can be hung. The other to put on the middle circle of the wreath.  I do not remember the length I made the ribbon before cutting it.  I  would say about 8 to 10 inches. Don"t hold me to it if it is not the right amount. l.o.l.  P}.  Tie the ribbon around and through the top two cookie cutters. You will have to be the judge the exact place in order for it to be where it looks best. Along with the one you put to hang the round wooden decoration of your choice.  Time to hang it up. Do this before you put the magnet characters on the wreath. The magnets stick to the cookie cutters.  Handle with care though for they can slide. So it works best if you have it on the wall first.  When I finished  assembling the wreath while I had it on the table I did play with the wooden pieces to get an idea of where I wanted them to go.   If you try this have fun deciding where you are going to arrange your cookie cutters.  These make great gifts as well.  There are so many themes that can be done with these wreaths. Jungle, dancing, bows etc.   If you do venture in making these I would love to see your version.  =].      What you will need.  Cookie cutters of your choice. Two separate pieces of ribbon.  Paper clips, Wooden characters, magnets, glue something if you decide to put in the middle. I hope you liked my version of these wreaths. Remember to get a closer look at these pictures you can just click on the picture and it will enlarge it.

Wreath Cookie Cutter Theme Months Of The Year

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Materials for making the cake decoration display.

A plastic cake from the grocery store bought cakes. Wash and dry good. Or, you could use a top hat box. Your choice. Glue gun and glue for it. Double sticky tape. Rag rug, ribbon or whatever your choice to be. Scissors, pins with colorful heads for jimmies or beads buttons. Hair clips. Whatever you choose to create your own barrettes. Don"t forget when making your barrettes you can use felt strips glue the two end to the back of your barrette that you made to form a loop to slide your clips on. Doing this makes you to have the child wear the barrette on either side of the hair.:)

Cake 2

This is how I started to make the cake. I used a plastic cake holder from the grocery store after we finished eating the real cake that was in it. L.O.L. I then washed it with soap and water, dried it well. For the sides I placed double sticky strips just on the bottom and on the top of it. I took a strip of rag rug. For the sides I kept it singular I did not braid yet. I put a dab of glue at the tip of the rag rug from a glue gun and pressed it at the bottom and went around secure it with glue gun.[ If you glue all of the sides then you will not have a place for you to clip your barrettes on to stay.) I kept turning the cake the rag rug all around until I reached the top of the cake and it is all covered with the rag rug. Now your almost finished and ready to put your barrettes on the cake. At the bottom of the cake I braided a strip of rag rug in a different color to give it more demention. I used glue gun to secure it. Don"t forget to glue at the start and at the ends though. After you make your hair clips, slide your clips into the loop that you made in the back of your barrette and then you are ready to decorate your cake with them by sliding them on a strip of the cake. You can put your barrettes any where you choose. On the top, or sides, both sections or just the rim. :).

cake 3 top of the cake decoration.

How you make the top of the cake is you buy a sponge filling and trace it to the size of your plastic cake frame. I then used double sticky and put strips of it on top. I peeled the paper off even though it was sticky. I used a glue gun in places as I gradually circled the braided rag rug around the top of it. My next step I braided the outer edge to give it the look of it being frosted and a finished look. Then took colorful headed common pins and stuck them all around for a jimmies of color effect. By the way you can use whatever you want to use for jimmies. Such as beads etc. also. Make it your own. This is just a guideline. =+). I slid the clip backings between the braided strips. Then they are secure.

Cake 5 with hair bows for decoration

Here is the cake with the hair clips placed on for decoration. They are to be taken off and used for your child don"t forget. =). This cake display can be opened for you to store headbands, extra barrettes and elastics. I had made these as gifts for a couple of my nieces. I thought it made a pretty display along with a decorative piece and for storage use as well. I hope you like it. :).