Saturday, January 31, 2015

A poem of Winter and Spring------------------------Pretty Blanket Of Snow Until The Buds Peep....... 

A snow covered blanket of new fallen snow;
Covering up what was left of the snow,
from- the- time- before;
It looks so soft and pretty, shining and
shimmering a new;
Pure and white... with endless snowflakes
falling down;
But before you know it, Spring will
spring it's crown;
With so many lovely flowers, peeking
through the ground;
The birds will show up and sing their
pretty tunes;
Which will make many happy instead
of feeling gloom;   :D
Although I do not mind the Winter, I find this fitting for many....   :)
While looking at the snowy pine tree please press the arrow on
the picture to get a larger view. I love how the snow forms on 
the pine needles.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Wonderland

As I was putting this on, I was going to say that last years winter storms were longer than this year''s but I think I have to rephrase it. This is a picture from last winter, but I hear this year we've already gotten 2 1/2- 3 ft. of snow in this last storm here in New England and we are supposed to get 2 more storms within this week! At any rate, I really like this picture the best that I have taken and hope you enjoy it as well. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ceramics.... Celestial Old World Statue.

I thought I would show this picture of the old world celestial statue that I made in ceramics. I enjoyed taking these classes at the time. It was an enjoyable time sharing doing this with friends and family.  Also meet our youngest cat Brielle. Of course I had to put her into the picture. Thanks for checking in! :).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About Me

Hello,  As you can see I am just starting out blogging. I hope this blog will be beneficial to some,  inspiring to other's and a breath of fresh air to whomever and wherever needed. A little about me is my love has been working with children small and old. To me this has been my gold. Married raised children, worked with children of certain needs. 

Also worked with the needs of adults.  Which I have to say through it all has inspired so much in me and learned so much from them as well.  I believe in keeping your inner child with other's who believe the same. We can learn so much from each other whether we are alike in ways or different. It will be slow going as I have so much to learn, so please check back at different intervals I will be adding on.  But you know what they say, slow and steady won the race. 

Since I have no desire of rushing or making this a stressful blog for myself or other's  I would like to change this to:  slow and steady makes a special pace. That is my hope anyway.  At any rate thanks for checking in.