Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Snow Lady Hat

Here is a Winter craft that is easy enough and not hard to do. I found this idea in a book and also seen them around from other craft people. If I could remember the name or names of the person or people who's idea this came from I would add it here to give credit to them. Sorry for that. At any rate, what I first did was cut two slits on the sides of the bottom of the straw hat that is for to slide the material that is going to be for the scarf. Of course after I did this and measured the scarf to decide what size I wanted it I placed it in the slits and knotted it slightly to see how much material was right for the scarf on the snowman. Then I untied it and took it off again and put it aside until it was time to slide it back on again. I painted the blue part first and let it dry. I just used acrylic paints. Then I painted the rest of the sections with the white paint. Don't forget to add dots on the blue part that is the sky for to show that it is snowing. After that dried I glued my buttons for the eyes and the mouth. I used a glue gun for this. For the nose I sliced a dowel and shaved the point to get it to look more like a carrot nose. I then painted the nose orange made a slight hole in the middle of the straw. Now when you take the nose in your hand take the flat part of the nose and hammer a small nail their. Then slide it through the hole. What I did to secure this was found a tiny Styrofoam ball and put glue on the nail and in the back stick the Styrofoam ball on. It should keep it secure enough. To hang it I took a small strip of rag rug and put the two ends together glued that first then glued it onto the back of the hat. Materials I used are..... A straw hat, acrylic paint in light blue, white and orange. I used about 3 inch wide material and you decide how long you want your scarf to be. buttons, paint brush and there you have it. If you choose for the hat to have a heart or something you can but you don't have to. Oops, don't forget glue gun or whatever you want to try to glue your buttons and nose on. A small strip of rag rug to loop and hang your snowman. At any rate I hope you like the one I made. Maybe you would like to make also. Would love to see your creation if you do. :).

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ruffle Heart-- one

Hear is a picture of a single heart so you can see it in it"s completion. Hope you like it, and remember to click on the pictures to enlarge it when or if you need to so you can see it enlarged and get a closer and more detailed look of any picture or craft. Thanks for dropping by. :)
Here are the hearts I did with our classroom.  They enjoyed the accomplishment and it was fast results as well. I hope you decide to make this with your children. Or for someone special in your lives.  We hung them up on the ceiling lights they looked nice. Each one had their decoration right above their desk. When they wanted a special reminder of what they made all they had to do was look up.  All that was needed was a wire heart shape and a ruffle lacing with an opening to slide the wire through. If you cannot find a wire a shape of a heart at the craft store than buy some wire that is about as thick as a coat hanger and you can shape it on your own. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I opened up the heart wire so you can see how it is shaped like a U on both wires you will attach together so it will stay closed.  I hope you will decide to make one whether with your child or for someone special.  :)