Thursday, December 31, 2015

Picture of my Christmas Cactus Flowering.

My Christmas cactus have been doing so well.  It started as a gift from my Mother "N" Law for our home when we were married. Still going strong 23 yrs. later.  Since she has passed we always have something special to either remind us of her or to carry on some tradition of sorts. She seems to be with us in these special ways and at the most interesting times still.   Happy New Year's Eve, Everyone!  :).

Friday, December 18, 2015

Little Elf, Little Elf What Do You See? Short story and song.

                                            Little Elf, Little Elf,  What Do You See?
                                            Little elf, little elf, what do you see?
                                            Shimmering lights on the Christmas tree.
                                            Little elf, little elf, what do you hear?
                                            Sleigh bells ringing, on Santa's reindeer.
                                            Little elf, little elf, what do you feel?
                                            Santa's soft beard, it feels so real.
                                            Little elf, little elf, what do you smell?
                                            Something's in the oven, but I won't tell.
                                           Little elf, little elf, what do you eat?
                                           Candy canes, so very crunchy and sweet.
         This little song is about the five senses.   :).

Reindeer out of a child's hands and foot.

While your children are home on school vacation and are looking for something to do, here is an idea I did with a classroom of children.  They can create with whatever is on hand, even a paper bag and crayons and markers to do this project.  If one sibling is capable they can assist younger ones in this reindeer that would become a part of them and even make a cute gift for their parents.  Of course feel free to make a red nose to become Rudolf  if you choose.  :).

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Animation Decoration

Here is one of my Christmas decoration's I put up this year. The children are animated when it is on. The lantern lights up as well.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Materials needed for Pooh

Here are all the materials needed to make this craft.    Two or three pieces of cardboard cut the same size.   One or two sheets of double sticky contact paper cut the same size as the cardboard that will be your canvas.   Scissors, thumb tacks,  about two sheets of sliver contact paper, paper hole punch, regular glue, glass, plastic or omni that can be used for glue,  small red beads for the mouth,  white paint, 2 glass or plastic beads for the eyes, tiny bits of black beads or black sand for nose,  permanent markers or acrylic paint,  leather to make circles for the tree, I put a chain on to hang the picture. You can use ribbon or whatever you choose,  contact paper for a backing of the picture the same size as your cardboard, rickrack of your choice for the circle of Poohs tree house brown beads. One more tip, when you are ready to put on the contact circles instead of pealing the circles you are better off to keep the backing on in tact and just glue them on. It will make your picture sturdier and easier as well to maneuver in the long run.  

Unfinished Pooh and directions.

First, I would like to say I am not a blog that will stick with one theme. I am one that likes to mix it up.        I started this project with cardboard layered with double contact paper and spray glue to ensure a more permanent stick.  Measurements I used was 13  1/2  by  14  1/2  in.   When that was dried and secured  I glued brown beans all around the edges of the frame.   Use a good glue, like one for glass or plastic to secure and for it to adhere it's best, if you decide to make this.  After that dried, I sprayed it with a spray glue for shine and for more of a good sticking purpose.  Draw or find a picture you like and place it in the middle of your canvas per say.    Now, I used colored thumb tacks. If you do not find the right color for your character than you could use nail polish or paint with acrylic paints.  Before using your thumb tacks I outlined my Pooh with punched circles  from colored contact paper.  Even though the circles were sticky I still used a basic glue on the back of each circle.  After outlining Pooh then I went to town on thumb tacking my Pooh.  I outlined the eyes before painting and putting a bead for each eye in their place.  The eye brows were punched out black contact paper.  The nose was tiny black beads. I put glue on the nose and sprinkled and pressed lightly and even overlapped to make it look a bit 3 D effect.  After all of Pooh was filled in. I, for the background used silver contact paper punched out after coloring the silver with permanent markers the colors I wanted it to be.   The peach color tacks in front of Pooh is supposed to be his table. Now I wanted the tacks to be sure they stayed in even though they punched in okay I still used glue on the back of each tack just to be surer of staying on. After gluing the background on I used some contact paper and placed it all around the the circle of Pooh.  When all the inside of Pooh is dried then I took a clear spray and sprayed Pooh twice after each spray let it dry.  I wanted a more shinier effect so I used clear nail polish over it all then let it dry.  Now you can take the papers off around Pooh for it was only needed so it would not get on the other parts of the surface where something else will go.  I had genuine leather so I used it by tracing same sized leather circles and cut them out. Then filled in the rest of where the white was that became the trunk of the tree that was Poohs house. I glued starting from the bottom, left to right until reaching the top. I used Omni Gel to glue the leather on. It stuck really well with this.   Remember you can work with and use what you have along with your own creativity to make it your own.  Do not worry too much if you get glue on the outside of the leather to me it gave it the effect of being pine sap so I just wiped it a little here and there.  Isn't it funny of all the steps that can be in a craft. That in your head it only takes a minute to put together.  I enjoyed making this and hope you like it"s results. At any rate thank you for stopping by.  :).

Winnie The Pooh project I made. Pictures taken in two different lighting's. Pooh in his tree house.

Here are two pictures of the Winnie The Pooh project I made.  The pictures were taken in two different lighting's.  Pooh in his tree house.

Completed Winnie The Pooh

Here is my completed Winnie The Pooh Project.  Hope you like it, and remember to click on the picture if you would like a closer look.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Directions and another picture of the Jack-O-Lantern.

Here is a fun project to do with children.  I did these in a Special Needs classroom that I worked with. The part"I" did though was to put the burlap on the wooden ring for it needed to be tight. Here is how this was made.    Materials needed ;   A round wooden hoop, orange paint or markers, orange burlap, A bit of green paper, glue, yarn and black sticky felt.   You first have the children paint or color the rim with a marker one day. Let it dry. Next the adults job or using your own discretion trace a large circle on the burlap. I used a large plate.  You can cut it out or have them do these steps whatever is best for the age level. When hoop is dry unlatch the outer ring from the inner ring.  Place the circle of burlap as best as you can over the wooden inner circle. Then place the larger wooden hoop over the burlap and the wooden circle. When you feel it is as even as you are going to get it tighten it with the screw that is at the top of the circle. This next part is good for fine motor skills in children, They just keep pulling threads of the burlap until it is loose around the whole outer wooden circle. (Please use your discretion if you feel they need help in any way with this. For we want it to stay fun for them not frustrating.0 Only you can be the judge of this.  Make eyes, nose and mouth cut out glue or stick in position. Make and cut out the green part and glue on along with make some sort of bow with yarn,felt or paper.  When all is dry you can cut the shreds around the outer circle if you want it to be equal around all of the circle.    Hope you like.  Thanks for looking.

Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Here is a closer picture so you can see that the material (burlap) needs to be tight on the wooden ring hoop. Have a fun and enjoyable Fall!  :).

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Depilling a yarn blanket with nice results.

This blanket has so many pills etc. on it that it was time to put some life back into it. If you cannot get a good look just put your arrow on the picture to get a closer look.  I am so glad I was able to renew it.  The latter pictures will show you how I achieved this. Thanks for checking in.  :).
Here is throw without the pills.  I think it came out good. This is a good thing because my Mother N Law made this. It"s nice to still have a part of her with us.  :].

The Cordless Electric Fabric Groomer

This tool I bought many a years ago at a store I used to go in sometimes after work.  I don"t know if you can see it but it has blades on the white circle that goes around like a fan would.  I took the silver part off  that goes over the blade so you can see what causes this to take the pills out of your knitted wear. I love how it brings your items back to life. You just slide it back and forth or round and round until you feel you should go  on to another section of it.  If you can find one it truly comes in handy.... Maybe even a gift for someone who has everything etc.  :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On this quilt holder I added some rolls of ribbon on the posts. I rolled each bunch around the posts and when I got to the end of the ribbon I pinned it to secure it so the ribbon does not unroll. It's nice to know these have more than one use and a place of convenience is a plus for me.  &) Hope you like the idea.
I happened to have crafts way upstairs, or way downstairs.  I don't know about you but if I am working upstairs and I need something that is organised with the items I have downstairs, I don't always look forward to stopping what I am doing to go and get that item.  So I thought I would put a little bit of the things that I supposed to have downstairs upstairs so I can possibly prevent that from always happening.  I had these two quilt holders. Since I was running out of room upstairs, I thought of this idea of storing the fabric around the post or on top of the posts. I had a lot of old belts that I did not want to waste so I decided to wrap some of them around each group of material which worked out great. =).
Here is the two quilt holders with the quilt on it just to show how it hides the other items underneath. No one would know what you stored underneath of course unless you took the quilt off.  I am thinking of putting this quilt over the balcony railing.  Hope it inspires you to use space in unexpected places.  :).

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ceramic Lighthouse no. 1.

Here is the lighthouse piece that I made for a gift for my husbands birthday.  This picture shows it without being lit up. The one underneath I took a picture of it lit up. I would have tried to light it up in the dark then take a picture but I was not sure it would come out.  This piece was molded when I chose it.  Although it was not fired you had to clean it and smooth the clay in areas and prayed you did not break it for it was very delicate in this form before you could start painting and creating the effects you wanted for it. I enjoyed making it come to life and making it my own to give as a gift for my husband. It is interesting in the techniques you can do along with the textures of paint to give it the right effects you want in each area. Hope you like it as well. Thanks for visiting, and remember to click on the pictures to get a closer look.  :).
Here is the ceramic lighthouse lit up.  It lights up the boat, the lighthouse and the marine building behind the boat. I enjoyed working on this piece.  :).

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sleigh Bed made into a Day Bed no.2.

Sleigh Crib no. 3

I thought I would take a picture of the crib this way so you can see how pretty the wood and design is. Hope this gives you some inspiration to create and use something in another way. ;).

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Button Flower Plaques craft

As you can see I used buttons to create flowers. The stems bias tape in green.  I put together marbles on thick double sticky tape. I shaped it to look like a vase. Even though it was double sticky, because the marbles were glass I used a glass glue to make sure it would adhere stronger. I really liked the color of these marbles. Hope it gives you some inspiration.  Don"t forget to click on the picture if you need a closer look.  :).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cushions do over

My cushions  in my sun room were starting to wear down. I was not planning on having them upholstered and had plenty of an amount of material that I could use to do it myself. So I tried the no-sew tie tags on the sofa and chairs.  The material I used is so soft and comfortable on your skin, I am so glad I had it to use. :).
Here are my sun room dining chairs no sew project.  (Just do it as you would those tie blankets and tie strips together instead of sewing.)  I did this way because my pads were wearing out and I had already had this extra material.  I hope you like it, for an amateur that is.  :}.

Sin room couch do over

Here are the sofa results of my couch in our sun room. No sewing project. 

Pic pic. Oil painting

I got together with a friend and she was teaching me how to oil paint. This is my results.  She is such a talented and creative  painter. I so enjoyed this and also seeing her other works! I hope we can share more together.  :).

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wreath Cookie Cutter Theme Farm

Here is my newest project that I have been working on. I saw these cookie cutter wreaths on a video. I put my own twist to it by adding a couple of steps further by making magnets to suit each cookie cutter to represent it and give it more color.  I first arranged them in the order I wanted them in.  I then had some light blue sheer netting ribbon to tie them together to shape the wreath.  I then took some paper clips to each of them to make sure they were secured better.  Next, I glued magnets on the back of these wooden character pieces and let them dry. I went on to painting my wooden display for the middle circle of the wreath.I  I cut two pieces of ribbon one to hang on the top of the wreath so it can be hung. The other to put on the middle circle of the wreath.  I do not remember the length I made the ribbon before cutting it.  I  would say about 8 to 10 inches. Don"t hold me to it if it is not the right amount. l.o.l.  P}.  Tie the ribbon around and through the top two cookie cutters. You will have to be the judge the exact place in order for it to be where it looks best. Along with the one you put to hang the round wooden decoration of your choice.  Time to hang it up. Do this before you put the magnet characters on the wreath. The magnets stick to the cookie cutters.  Handle with care though for they can slide. So it works best if you have it on the wall first.  When I finished  assembling the wreath while I had it on the table I did play with the wooden pieces to get an idea of where I wanted them to go.   If you try this have fun deciding where you are going to arrange your cookie cutters.  These make great gifts as well.  There are so many themes that can be done with these wreaths. Jungle, dancing, bows etc.   If you do venture in making these I would love to see your version.  =].      What you will need.  Cookie cutters of your choice. Two separate pieces of ribbon.  Paper clips, Wooden characters, magnets, glue something if you decide to put in the middle. I hope you liked my version of these wreaths. Remember to get a closer look at these pictures you can just click on the picture and it will enlarge it.

Wreath Cookie Cutter Theme Months Of The Year

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Materials for making the cake decoration display.

A plastic cake from the grocery store bought cakes. Wash and dry good. Or, you could use a top hat box. Your choice. Glue gun and glue for it. Double sticky tape. Rag rug, ribbon or whatever your choice to be. Scissors, pins with colorful heads for jimmies or beads buttons. Hair clips. Whatever you choose to create your own barrettes. Don"t forget when making your barrettes you can use felt strips glue the two end to the back of your barrette that you made to form a loop to slide your clips on. Doing this makes you to have the child wear the barrette on either side of the hair.:)

Cake 2

This is how I started to make the cake. I used a plastic cake holder from the grocery store after we finished eating the real cake that was in it. L.O.L. I then washed it with soap and water, dried it well. For the sides I placed double sticky strips just on the bottom and on the top of it. I took a strip of rag rug. For the sides I kept it singular I did not braid yet. I put a dab of glue at the tip of the rag rug from a glue gun and pressed it at the bottom and went around secure it with glue gun.[ If you glue all of the sides then you will not have a place for you to clip your barrettes on to stay.) I kept turning the cake the rag rug all around until I reached the top of the cake and it is all covered with the rag rug. Now your almost finished and ready to put your barrettes on the cake. At the bottom of the cake I braided a strip of rag rug in a different color to give it more demention. I used glue gun to secure it. Don"t forget to glue at the start and at the ends though. After you make your hair clips, slide your clips into the loop that you made in the back of your barrette and then you are ready to decorate your cake with them by sliding them on a strip of the cake. You can put your barrettes any where you choose. On the top, or sides, both sections or just the rim. :).

cake 3 top of the cake decoration.

How you make the top of the cake is you buy a sponge filling and trace it to the size of your plastic cake frame. I then used double sticky and put strips of it on top. I peeled the paper off even though it was sticky. I used a glue gun in places as I gradually circled the braided rag rug around the top of it. My next step I braided the outer edge to give it the look of it being frosted and a finished look. Then took colorful headed common pins and stuck them all around for a jimmies of color effect. By the way you can use whatever you want to use for jimmies. Such as beads etc. also. Make it your own. This is just a guideline. =+). I slid the clip backings between the braided strips. Then they are secure.

Cake 5 with hair bows for decoration

Here is the cake with the hair clips placed on for decoration. They are to be taken off and used for your child don"t forget. =). This cake display can be opened for you to store headbands, extra barrettes and elastics. I had made these as gifts for a couple of my nieces. I thought it made a pretty display along with a decorative piece and for storage use as well. I hope you like it. :).

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Snow Lady Hat

Here is a Winter craft that is easy enough and not hard to do. I found this idea in a book and also seen them around from other craft people. If I could remember the name or names of the person or people who's idea this came from I would add it here to give credit to them. Sorry for that. At any rate, what I first did was cut two slits on the sides of the bottom of the straw hat that is for to slide the material that is going to be for the scarf. Of course after I did this and measured the scarf to decide what size I wanted it I placed it in the slits and knotted it slightly to see how much material was right for the scarf on the snowman. Then I untied it and took it off again and put it aside until it was time to slide it back on again. I painted the blue part first and let it dry. I just used acrylic paints. Then I painted the rest of the sections with the white paint. Don't forget to add dots on the blue part that is the sky for to show that it is snowing. After that dried I glued my buttons for the eyes and the mouth. I used a glue gun for this. For the nose I sliced a dowel and shaved the point to get it to look more like a carrot nose. I then painted the nose orange made a slight hole in the middle of the straw. Now when you take the nose in your hand take the flat part of the nose and hammer a small nail their. Then slide it through the hole. What I did to secure this was found a tiny Styrofoam ball and put glue on the nail and in the back stick the Styrofoam ball on. It should keep it secure enough. To hang it I took a small strip of rag rug and put the two ends together glued that first then glued it onto the back of the hat. Materials I used are..... A straw hat, acrylic paint in light blue, white and orange. I used about 3 inch wide material and you decide how long you want your scarf to be. buttons, paint brush and there you have it. If you choose for the hat to have a heart or something you can but you don't have to. Oops, don't forget glue gun or whatever you want to try to glue your buttons and nose on. A small strip of rag rug to loop and hang your snowman. At any rate I hope you like the one I made. Maybe you would like to make also. Would love to see your creation if you do. :).

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ruffle Heart-- one

Hear is a picture of a single heart so you can see it in it"s completion. Hope you like it, and remember to click on the pictures to enlarge it when or if you need to so you can see it enlarged and get a closer and more detailed look of any picture or craft. Thanks for dropping by. :)
Here are the hearts I did with our classroom.  They enjoyed the accomplishment and it was fast results as well. I hope you decide to make this with your children. Or for someone special in your lives.  We hung them up on the ceiling lights they looked nice. Each one had their decoration right above their desk. When they wanted a special reminder of what they made all they had to do was look up.  All that was needed was a wire heart shape and a ruffle lacing with an opening to slide the wire through. If you cannot find a wire a shape of a heart at the craft store than buy some wire that is about as thick as a coat hanger and you can shape it on your own. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I opened up the heart wire so you can see how it is shaped like a U on both wires you will attach together so it will stay closed.  I hope you will decide to make one whether with your child or for someone special.  :)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A poem of Winter and Spring------------------------Pretty Blanket Of Snow Until The Buds Peep....... 

A snow covered blanket of new fallen snow;
Covering up what was left of the snow,
from- the- time- before;
It looks so soft and pretty, shining and
shimmering a new;
Pure and white... with endless snowflakes
falling down;
But before you know it, Spring will
spring it's crown;
With so many lovely flowers, peeking
through the ground;
The birds will show up and sing their
pretty tunes;
Which will make many happy instead
of feeling gloom;   :D
Although I do not mind the Winter, I find this fitting for many....   :)
While looking at the snowy pine tree please press the arrow on
the picture to get a larger view. I love how the snow forms on 
the pine needles.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Wonderland

As I was putting this on, I was going to say that last years winter storms were longer than this year''s but I think I have to rephrase it. This is a picture from last winter, but I hear this year we've already gotten 2 1/2- 3 ft. of snow in this last storm here in New England and we are supposed to get 2 more storms within this week! At any rate, I really like this picture the best that I have taken and hope you enjoy it as well. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ceramics.... Celestial Old World Statue.

I thought I would show this picture of the old world celestial statue that I made in ceramics. I enjoyed taking these classes at the time. It was an enjoyable time sharing doing this with friends and family.  Also meet our youngest cat Brielle. Of course I had to put her into the picture. Thanks for checking in! :).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About Me

Hello,  As you can see I am just starting out blogging. I hope this blog will be beneficial to some,  inspiring to other's and a breath of fresh air to whomever and wherever needed. A little about me is my love has been working with children small and old. To me this has been my gold. Married raised children, worked with children of certain needs. 

Also worked with the needs of adults.  Which I have to say through it all has inspired so much in me and learned so much from them as well.  I believe in keeping your inner child with other's who believe the same. We can learn so much from each other whether we are alike in ways or different. It will be slow going as I have so much to learn, so please check back at different intervals I will be adding on.  But you know what they say, slow and steady won the race. 

Since I have no desire of rushing or making this a stressful blog for myself or other's  I would like to change this to:  slow and steady makes a special pace. That is my hope anyway.  At any rate thanks for checking in.